BLUBEE Mini Boost Smart Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

650.00 Excl. GST

  • Speaker & Charging cable
  • Mini Boost Smart Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker


About this item

  • Smaller than your Finger
  • Studio Grade Sound: The Omniversal Play Bluetooth speaker delivers a deep and powerful sound with a solid bass to amplify your beats and make you fall in love with every note.
  • Play it non-stop: The Omniversal Play wireless speaker packs a battery life of up to 5 long hours on a single charge to keep your party going on and on till the break of dawn.
  • Premium Brag Worthy Design: The Omniversal Play portable wireless speaker comes with a sleek design, that makes it numero uno choice for those who love their music in private or with a couple friends! Connections made stronger: Nobody likes it when their.


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